Theatre / Cactus Farm ✕ Nigel Barker

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We are all looking for meaning in life. Trying to interpret what we see, do and experience. Verbal, written and visual narratives allow us to explain and understand the world around us. Woven through writing, art, music, photography and film, storytelling is everywhere. 

My curiosity for life drives my work. I’ve always believed that there is beauty in everything, we just have to be open to seeing it. I love to ask questions, connect the dots between things, and develop concepts and visuals that resonate with others. I’m inspired by people, spaces and storytelling, which has made me obsessive about creating things that intrigue, challenge and sometimes just look beautiful. 

This outlook has led me on a journey to discover and explore where my passions lie. Through working in design agencies, curating and upholstery, I’m continuously learning in order to better understand how to use what people see and experience, to influence how they feel.
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Theatre / Cactus Farm ✕ Nigel Barker

  • Art Direction
  • Creative Management

A collection of product shots in The Abbeydale Picture House, using the old flaking backdrop of a 1920’s Art Deco listed building in contrast with the colourful and contemporary fabric of the Urban Mermaid furniture.

Photography: Nigel Barker
Art Direction: Carol-Anne Ward